The students are the ones who should be benefiting from the act

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In the past this meant a substantial investment was required, as a good laptop could easily cost up to $3000.00 or more. In today’s market there are many more affordable solutions, and cheap laptops are available if the user knows what they are looking for.

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The students are the ones who should be benefiting from the act, and the fact that tuition is going up next semester leaves us wondering what they are saving the money for, or what have they already used it on. It seems that the university should be using the money made from the bookstore or CRC and putting it directly toward keeping the students’ tuitions low.

The film was a commercial success, making over $230 million at box office, so it’s no surprise there’s been rumblings about a sequel. Earlier this year, Warner Bros renewed the rights for Space Jam so, as Time reports, there is the distinct possibility of a sequel.

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