I spoke with ex colleagues from Salisbury

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I spoke with ex colleagues from Salisbury District at the Referendum count several agreed that ‘We think Salisbury should have parts of Laverstock but they have gone about it the wrong way and we would not support their approach’. Fortunately for Cllr Rogers, they are not councillors in the Salisbury Parish being asked to willy nilly support a palpably illegal and improper takeover..

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POPKIN: We didn’t really create the same infrastructure for fruits and vegetables that we created for animal foods, for oils, sugars and other things. The difference is such a huge magnitude of long term investment that it would take an awful lot to make fruits and vegetables cheap like they should be..

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The direct subsidising of fuel for consumers, by government discounts on diesel and other fuels, account for just 6% of the IMF’s total. Other local factors, such as reduced sales taxes on fossil fuels and the cost of traffic congestion and accidents, make up the rest.

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