A little lesson on cheap food

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A little lesson on cheap food

I’m thinking about cheap food. Spam. Ramen noodles. cheap jerseys Pasta.

Of the three, I’ll take pasta.

So. In observance of the financial turmoil you might be feeling in http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ your tummy, a quick lesson on something you’ve likely read on boxes of crackers, pasta or other baked goods: “Reg. Penna. Dept. Agr.”

Those hieroglyphics date back to 1933, when Pennsylvania passed the Pennsylvania Bakeries Law, which required a license for anyone selling pasta, potato chips, pretzels and other baked goods in the state. and still does. The “Reg. Penna. Dept. Agr.” stamp guaranteed quality and accurate weight, and that the goods were made in inspected plants by workers who have periodic medical exams.

The law applies to any goods made or sold in that state, and now Pennsylvania has agreements with other states to inspect plants, etc., outside the state. The reason the Pennsylvania ag mark appears on all packages, no matter where they are made, is that manufacturers don’t want to have to make different packages for different states. I learned all this from a book called “Why Does Popcorn Pop?” by Don Voorhees. It is time consuming, but there is something soothing about rolling out the dough and making raviolies, spaghetti (if you have a pasta machine) or other Italian treats.

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